threat assessment

Threat Assessment

The FedSys threat assessment division is skilled at providing government customers with complete vulnerability assessments, and is prepared to recommend a complete course of action to ensure the security of a facility, installation and individual or group. Able to operate independently anywhere in the world the FedSys team has the ability to deploy in support of emerging requirements with minimal notice. By engaging the FedSys team of experts, government customers can enjoy total confidence in the security of their critical infrastructure and personnel.

Members of the FedSys team include professionals who are skilled in the areas of Counterterrorism, Counterinsurgency, Counter-Intelligence, Advanced Special Operations and Strategic Intelligence. These areas enable FedSys to provide our customers with a holistic approach to threat assessment and neutralization, by combining a variety of disciplines to give the government a complete solution.

National Guard Bureau

FedSys Currently supports the National Guard Bureau, Joint Intelligence Directorate (NGB-J2) and provides skilled, trained and certified professionals at National Guard Headquarters (JFHQ) with Financial Analysis, Construction Database Analysis, Original Classification Authority Analysis, and Joint Incident Awareness and Assessment (JIT).

Department of Homeland Security

FedSys provides Security Program Consulting and Security Program Management Assistance support to the Office of Security and Integrity along with Occupational Safety and Health Specialist Professionals.

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