FedSys - Mission Driven Success

FedSys Provides:

  • Mission critical employees with expertise in linguistics, intelligence support, analysts, rule of law, information technology and training

  • Professional programs and services for military. Law enforcement, government and commercial clients

  • Enhanced security and stability for US and foreign governments

  • Worldwide training, education and staffing solutions

Our Customers Include:

US Air Force US Navy
Department of State National Guard
US Army Department of Homeland Security
Department of Defense 50 Anniversary Department of Transportation
Special Ops Command

FedSys - Mission Driven Success

FedSys is a Service Disabled, Veteran Owned Small Business (SDVOSB)

FedSys is a worldwide professional services corporation dedicated to providing operational support to government customers throughout the United States as well as within the most austere and hostile global operating environments. Areas of focus include organizational development, training and mentoring, military intelligence, information operations, information technology, cyber security, threat assessment, interpretation and translation, and administrative support.

Core Capabilities

Recruiting, vetting and retaining qualified and experienced professionals with expertise in intelligence, linguistics, rule-of-law, information technology and analysts.

Developing curriculum and programs of instruction for various departments such as instruction in cyber warfare, counterintelligence, lawful intercepts, rule of law, border and customs operations, cultural and political operations, and environmental awareness.

Supporting communication development, networking, IT and system architects.

Providing subject matter expertise in Cyber Security, and Counterintelligence, Digital Network Intelligence and Vulnerability assessments.

Staffing Programs with expertise in Counterterrorism, Counterinsurgency, counterintelligence, and strategic intelligence.

Provide military, intelligence and law enforcement agencies with cleared category I-III translators and interpreters for common and exotic language.

Strategic Business Units

Law Enforcement - Rule of Law: Counter Narcotics, Border and Customs Training and Enforcement, Lawful Communications Intercept Technology and Analytics, Police, Judicial and Corrections advisors and Mentors.

Information Technology: Network Engineering, Systems Engineering, Cyber Security, Help Desk Installation and Maintenance.

Language: Interpretation, Translation and Transcription.

Resource Center: Recruit, vet, clear train and deploy personnel for worldwide missions.

Intelligence: Analysis, HUMINT, SIGINT, CI Instruction, Cyber, Military Intelligence, Threat Assessment, Information Operation, PALANTIR Instruction and Surveillance Detection.

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