military and domestic intelligence

Military Intelligence

FedSys has been recognized as a leader in the provision of intelligence services to government clients including the military, Intelligence Agencies and law enforcement. The FedSys intelligence division includes former intelligence professionals including experts in SIGINT and HUMINT operations. Our team understands the needs of intelligence customers and the specific methodologies necessary to locate, vet and retain qualified cleared professionals. These professionals are supported by a secure logistics and communications network designed to ensure timely and efficient response to customer needs.

Being composed of professionals who are veterans of the very agencies which they serve, the FedSys Intelligence Division is able to provide government customers with the assurance that we truly understand their needs and are able to meet objectives and aid in mission accomplishment. FedSys maintains a recruitment infrastructure capable of rapidly deploying qualified cleared professionals skilled in a wide range of subject areas. This capability enables FedSys to provide our customers with a rapid response to emerging requirements and ensure that our customers are able to sustain operations at critical moments.

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